Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eight Dance Songs for May

I'm a fan of dance music. Popular songs that are specifically designed for dancing have a certain functionality that no amount of hype can fake. It needs to get you up on your feet and kickin'. Even with horrendous lyrics or rough vocals, if it makes you move to the groove, it is a successful dance song.

So, let's check out some tunes from the month of May over the decades:

In 1971, we have Funk music coming onto the scene.

In 1976, the Diva of Disco is ascendant with her second dance hit.

In 1981, Disco is dying.

In 1986, Freestyle has gone semi-mainstream. (BTW, it's weird to think of Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls or Tommy Pickles of the Rugrats as a "lolita").

In 1991, this is House music! ;-)

In 1996, we have to beginnings of Trip-Hop.

In 2001, the era of bland prepackaged pop music has even weakened the Dance charts.

In 2006, a House resurgence, with more of an electronica feel?

Anyways, it's interesting to do a quick survey of the trends of the past. It's like looking at a map that shows a fascinating geography of style and time. Of these eight songs, my favorite is Vanessa Daou.


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