Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flying Elbow Drop

I'm not one for in memoriam-style posts, but, as an advertising enthusiast, I'd like to remember the genius of the Slim Jim commercials featuring Randy Savage. They were crazy. The tagline "Snap into a Slim Jim!" followed by random explosions and devastation could only appeal to a young teen male, which was the target audience. Seriously, how can anybody think that vigorously chomping into a nasty "meat" stick handed to you by a weird "muscle man" with a beard was cool? Yet, for all its absurdity, the commercials pulled it off.

Check out the first ad of the series, "Art Thou Bored?":

Sadly, after about five years, the ad campaign played itself out as Randy Savage was summoning up tornadoes and cattle stampedes with a "snap!"

Nevertheless, check out the lameness of the following ad campaigns, like "Eat Me":

Or the idiotic Snapalope:

Or the Edge and his "Spicy Side":

It's clear that the outrageous exuberance of the Macho Man was an essential part of the Slim Jim charm that mere aggressive wackiness cannot duplicate. We mourn his passing.

Here's are a few links:

Randy Savage's Wikipedia page.

The Slim Jim Wikipedia page.


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