Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Flowers: Clivia

Clivia: Baby Doll

(By Adrienne Rich)

when it comes down turning
itself in clusters before the flat
light of the shortest day

you see how all turns away
from us how we turn
into our shadows you can see
how we are tested

the individual crystal on the
black skirt of the maxi-coat
under the lens

was it a whole day or just a lifetime
spent studying crystals

on the fire escape while the 'Sixties
were running out
could you see

how the black ladder spun away from us
into whiteness
how over and over
a star became a tear

if no two are alike
then what are we doing
with these diagrams of loss

Adrienne Rich passed away this week. Given her age, it came as no great shock, but it is sad news nevertheless. She was an inspiration for generations of women poets. Her poetry went through many phases over the course of her long life, never growing stale or redundant.

Her distinct voice has made the world a better place. I will treasure her poems and will read them again to experience anew Adrienne Rich's unique insights.

Clivia: Bodacious

As regards the clivia, I attended the annual show at the Huntington Gardens. Many gorgeous flowers were on display. Here are a few lovelies to start the weekend right. ;-)

I'm tempted to posts a whole bunch of clivia photos, but I don't want to distract from our in memoriam of Adrienne Rich. Maybe I'll share some more clivias with you all in some later post.

Clivia: Fiesta

And here are some vids:

"Diving into the Wreck"

"What Kind of Times Are These?"



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