Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl from Ipanema

Astrud Gilberto was born on March 30, 1940

"When she walks, she's like a samba that swings so cool and sways so gently that when she passes, each one she passes goes -- aah."

I don't do Internet memes, blogfests, or networked "pass along" posts. That's not because I look down upon them or believe that they are an inferior sort of writing. Not at all!!! Anything that inspires one to write is totally cool with me. The reason that I don't do such posts is because I always have something that I want to write about; there just isn't the time or energy to pick up a blog challenge, like the very cool "A to Z Challenge", which would totally dominate my blogging focus for a whole month.

Just to use the A to Z Challenge as an example, it would be easy to make up a list of Los Angeles galleries and museums to highlight over the course of the month: Angles, Blum & Poe, Corey Helford, DNJ, Edward Cella, Frank Lloyd, George Billis, Honor Fraser, Icon Projects, JK, Koplin del Rio, La Basse Projects, Mark Moore, Nicodim, Otero, Patrick Painter, Quarum, Richard Heller, Schlesinger, Thinkspace, UCLA Fowler, Vielmetter, William Turner, laXart, Young Projects, Zask. But I have other things that I'd rather write about on any given day.

But sometimes things synch up. So, over at Spunk On A Stick, they are doing a Sad Songs blogfest, which goes with my selected birthday celebration of the day. Astrud Gilberto was born on March 30, 1940. Her most famous song is "The Girl from Ipanema", which, in spite of its mellow and sweet bossa nova sound, is actually a song about being ignored, overlooked by the focus of your desire, unrequited admiration.

Astrud Gilberto, the Queen of the Bossa Nova

But we shall not overlook this classic songbird from Brazil. ;-)

Let's listen to some music. Oh, how lovely.

"Girl from Ipanema" with Stan Getz



"Aqua de Beber"

"Girl from Ipanema" performed in 1983


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