Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Red Priest

Detail of View of the Santa Maria della Salute with the Dogana di Mare (1780) by Francesco Guardi

We can't let the day pass without celebrating the birth date of Antonio Vivaldi.

All year long, we've been enjoying his music, interspersed most notably within our seasonal posts. I absolutely adore his compositions, treasures of the baroque Venetian style. In terms of elegance, few composers can compare.

So, let's take a moment to enjoy these beauties and reflect on the shimmering image of 18th century Venice.

Detail of Venetian Capriccio (1760) by Francesco Guardi

Once again, let's listen to some music. ;-)

Lute Concerto in D, performed by Julian Bream

Recorder Concerto 443 (2nd movement), performed by Michala Petri

La Stravaganza, performed by Europa Galante


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