Thursday, July 5, 2012

Humble Earthen Vessels

Detail of Teapot Peddlers (2011) by Gerit Grimm

I recently visited the Long Beach Museum of Art and saw an excellent ceramic exhibit, featuring the works of Gerit Grimm. The show, entitled "Beyond the Figurine", is comprised of these contemporary works that were inspired by the museum's collection of classic British and French figurines, with styles varying from the Rococo to Victorian bric-a-brac, which are also on display upon the nearby walls.

It's interesting to see how Grimm reinterprets the implied narrative of the figurine style. Her works capture the light-hearted feel of the traditional pieces, but convey a deeper sense of mystery or weirdness. The strange cat-faced heraldry, the diverse peddlers, and the circular gatherings, these elements create the feeling that Grimm has developed her own fantasy world. It's an interesting vision.

Detail of Monument (2011) by Gerit Grimm

This show will be ending on July 8. I definitely recommend checking it out before it closes.

And here are a few more photos:

Detail of Image Peddler (2011) by Gerit Grimm

Guillotine (2011) by Gerit Grimm

Detail of Gardener (2012) by Gerit Grimm

Detail of Fountain (2011) by Gerit Grimm

Detail of Village Tree (2011) by Gerit Grimm

And here are a few vids:

The Art, The Artist, The Studio (Gerit Grimm)

Fantasia in Clay- Nebraska Story

Gerit Grimm & LBMA


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