Friday, July 13, 2012

Del Amo

Lucky Strike Bowling at the Del Amo Mall

I went to take a stroll at the Del Amo Mall. The location was once the world's largest mall, a shopping center of unequaled magnificence. The decades have taken their toll, but it's still a nice place to shop. Way better than some heartless big box discount store like Walmart or Target.

When I was a teen, back in the mid-80s, this was a major hang out. Chilling at the Orange Julius by the theater or hanging out at the food court, I spent countless hours. Seeing how it's changed over the years, I feel very nostalgic.

Oh well, I'm happy to have an internet and online shopping, but I can't help but feel like a distinct experience of consumerist culture has been lost over the years.

I have many fond memories of the old B. Dalton and Walden bookstores. I miss them. . . And, you kids, get off of my lawn!!! ;-)

Colored fountain at the Del Amo Mall, near the AMC Theaters


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