Monday, July 2, 2012

600: Thoughts on Blogging

A collection of magazines

When I started this blog, my initial expectations were not set very high. I had serious doubts about the value of undertaking this project. My concerns were varied, but the most salient was in regards to "wasting" time. In short, was this blog going to be a purposeless vanity project that would drain away my time and energy?

So, I came to terms with the strong possibility that I would be writing for nothing and to nobody. It was likely to be enthusiasm and creativity lost among the sea of information, pixels poured into the endless flow of the internet. If this was the almost certain outcome, then why should I start a blog? What is my incentive?

I turned my focus inwards. Although I would love to have a large and faithful readership, as long as I am having fun writing, it is a worthwhile endeavor. This blog is all about me and my interests. If it entertains or informs an occasional reader, then that's just icing on the cake.

More magazines

Well, the blog has grown fairly well over the past year. By most standards, it has a miniscule readership, but it's large enough that I constantly feel amazed that there are some people out there who actually want to read my odd ramblings. On average, I put about an hour a day into this blog. Considering this relatively minor effort, I feel pretty good about things. ;-)

And I hope you, my dear readers, find that coming to Paideia is a rewarding visit. I know that the internet has a nearly infinite supply of sites to meet just about any desire. So, it is with humble gratitude that I welcome you to this little blog.

My life is constantly in confusion, swinging back and forth from good times to bad, from ill health to good. I can't help but impress my emotional state onto my writing, even if only as a general tone. I thank you all for bearing with my moodiness, through the times that I maniacally chattered through a rapid sequence of posts, and through all those times where I doled out my words and posts with surly and grumbling slowness.

I try to keep up a light banter, sharing my information and enthusiasm for whatever topic is at hand. I hope you enjoy it.

Magazines! Magazines!! Magazines!!!

And here's some Schubert:

"Der Leiermann" by Franz Schubert


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