Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Betty Boop in Snow White (1933)

You all know that I love animation, comics, and cartoons. So it should be no surprise that I adore Betty Boop. I especially enjoy her earlier episodes before the censors cut down on the innuendo and put her in a long dress. Flapper style never looked so good!

Another thing that sets Betty Boop cartoons out from the crowd is the fantastic music. Cab Calloway and his orchestra perform in some of the best of her cartoons. I have a couple linked after the jump. Betty and Cab really make it swing.

Finally, the background elements to the artwork was always compelling. The artists really spent time on creating a compelling visual image. I especially love the gambling skeletons in Snow White.


Why am I celebrating Betty Boop today? It's been 81 years since Dizzy Dishes was released, introducing the cutest animated lady to world. ;-)

I recommend giving these classic cartoons a viewing. Sure, they come from an different era, so some things don't sit well with our modern sensibilities. But look past that and appreciate Betty for the fantastic animation, superb music, and general sense of fun.

Betty Boop for President (1932)

Here are the promised vids:


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