Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grant Any Wish

I Dream of Jeannie, starring Barbara Eden, ran for five seasons (1965-70)

You may have guessed after more than 200 posts about wildly diverse topics, but scarcely a mention of a television episode, that I don't watch much tv, except for the commercials. That's kind of true. I have never been a reliable series watcher. Sure, I'll grab a show here and there, but I rarely pick up a full season of anything. My television series familiarity generally comes from reruns long after the initial broadcasts. I have better things to do during Primetime than sit in front of the television.

But that doesn't mean that I dislike the "television episode" artform. I can certainly appreciate a good twenty minute story of any type of genre. Moreover, a season presents an excellent way to create an overarching narrative arc that is comprised of the smaller episode stories. When done well, that's an impressive accomplishment.

So, in celebration of Barbara Eden's birthday, here's my first overt television post at Paideia.

Jeannie in her bottle

I Dream of Jeannie was the first television series towards which I became enthusiastic, not including cartoon shows. The concept of a wish-granting beautiful magic lady captured my youthful imagination. Major Nelson's total blockheadedness was a constant source of amazement. Asides from Barbara Eden's hotness, my main interest was that the show had an interesting and fantastic problem in each episode. In my youth, that made for good television. ;-)

So, here are a few vids. Let's start with the classic theme song:

It's weird to think that this familiar tune wasn't the shows first theme. Moreover, it's weird to think of Jeannie in black and white. That pink outfit is definitive. Here's the first season intro:

Here's an example of the type of absurd events that were a frequent part of this series. From Episode 30 "My Master, the Swinging Bachelor", Jeannie creates a magic mind-altering cake.

Here's the original opening with the full on series premise narrated by Paul Frees.

And here's a fun compilation of Larry Hagman screaming and yelling. What a loooo-ssser!!!

So, wishing Barbara Eden a Happy Birthday. ;-)


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