Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Wednesday Night #3

Ferrari Show

It's time for our Weekly Wrap!

I'm going to be a bit brief. Since last Wednesday, we had eleven stories.

We covered three art shows: Abel Baker Gutierrez's "Swimming" on exhibit at the Luis De Jesus Gallery. David Trautrimas' fantastic architectural photographs based upon household appliances, "The Spyfrost Project", and Greg Miller's collage works, "Magnificent Seven", on exhibit at the William Turner Gallery.

White Dahlia

Spooky Sunday featured Amelia B. Edwards' classic ghost story, "The Phantom Coach". Meanwhile, Friday Flowers exhibited a variety of dahlias and poetry by Amy Lowell. Good stuff!!!

We had our normal music, movie, and marketing features. The music was a celebration of fifteen years of the Macarena. The movie was the marking of twenty-five years since the horrific Howard the Duck. The marketing was the Old Spice promotion featuring Fabio!!! Some bad memories were dredged up by these three topics. I suffer for your amusement.

Howard was not the silliest looking person in this movie. So sad.

In the miscellaneous posts, I gave a progress report on my health post vehicular collision. I reported on an envy-inducing display of Ferraris. And, finally, I reported on Jessica Basta's recital of Lolita at the Hammer Museum.

Well, that's the Weekly Wrap. Here's Fabio in a loincloth.

Fabio in a loincloth.


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