Thursday, August 11, 2011

Her Name Means Luck: Ihirwe

Baby gorilla, Ihirwe, rescued from smugglers (Photo by Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project)

Discovery News has an article, "Baby Gorilla Found in Jail with Poachers", that relates the plight and rescue of a baby mountain gorilla. I'm always amazed at the ignorance and cruelty that people have towards endangered species. Honestly, I can understand how profit will motivate foolish behavior, but certainly these poachers must be able to see how their "cash critters" are going extinct. And yet they still hunt them! It's a loathsome lack of perspective.

Fortunately, for this little gorilla, named Ihirwe, was rescued in time. However, it is depressing to consider how many precious creatures get needlessly destroyed through poaching and smuggling.

Here's a link to the World Wildlife Fund.

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