Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Wednesday Night #4

At the Bowers Museum

Well, it's been a rough week. I haven't been able to post as much as I would like, but I think I've maintained a decent quality over the past few days. With only nine posts to review, I was thinking of instituting a new "wrap" policy of a ten post minimum. If I can't hit ten per week, then I'll just bundle them up into the next week. I'm still considering it for future weeks.

In regards to post frequency, I'm thinking about doing a easy morning post each day, similar to the quickies that I wrote up back in March when I was beginning to blog. It'll be a picture, a paragraph or so, and a link. Of course, I'll still offer up my normal style posts on a daily basis. The "quickies" will be posts that I can throw together in a few minutes, so they will not intrude upon my quality blog time. ;-)

Now let's review the week.

Betty Boop and Bimbo in Minnie the Moocher (1932)

We had three art posts. We looked at Alexandra Grant's text based artworks. Then we considered Andrew Uchin's "Reader" series in conjunction with bibliophilia. Finally, I reported on my visit to the Bowers Museum.

Our Friday Flowers displayed some pretties from the Madrona Marsh. On Spooky Sunday, we considered the Haunted Hotel story, specifically as represented in The Shining.

Our birth date celebrations were held for Louis Armstrong and Alfred Tennyson. We also commemorated the 81st anniversary since Betty Boop's first appearance.

Finally, we got to enjoy Tany Ling's fantastic performance of the Yiddish Policemen's Union at the Hammer Museum. Good stuff!!!

Well, here's hoping for a fun and productive week to come. And we can't finish the Weekly Wrap without leaving a disturbing image for you all.

Here's Johnny!


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